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09 February 2011 @ 11:10 pm
The Sanada Legacy 1.2  

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Previously: Aidan met Sandara, who turned out the be Michael’s sister, and the two of them eventually married. Michael broke the couple’s TV and Shinjiro (a.k.a Shinji) was born!

Aidan: Remember, if Uncle Michael does something inappropriate, just punch him the face.
Shinji: Punch, punch!

Sandara isn’t feeling very above the weather and makes a dash for the toilet.

Sandara: This can’t be good.

She soon finds out why later in the night, and also the reason why she’s starving for some food.
Aidan: snnnkkf… fried chicken…

Shinji looks like he’s about ready to eat the blocks. /snuggles him

Michael still comes over to spend time with the family.

Shinji’s room that I managed to build because the family had some cash to spare, which, as you can see, it’s quite bare.

Sandara: Go home, Michael.

And go home he did indeed. But not after catching a few winks in Shinji’s room.

Sandara went into labor that very same night, and panic ensued.

Aidan: OHMYGOSH OHMYGOSH, what’re we going to do?! It’s 2 in the morning!

Aidan: But what about Shinji? We can’t just leave him here!

Random Babysitter: Don’t worry Mr. and Mrs. S! I got this all under control!

Aidan and Sanada had a baby girl they named Okuni (I couldn’t think of any other name at that time, lol!~)

She rolled out to be a clumsy virtuoso! Huh, wonder where the black hair came from. O_o

I think she’s adorable! (No favourites though, don’t worry. It’s still too early. :P )

Some quiet sibling-bonding time.

Shinji’s birthday came after! Too bad Aidan was stuck at work and therefore could not be there for the ‘party’. : (

After fixing his hair (I didn’t get that shot, sorry! T^T) He rolled out the absent-minded trait. XD

Shinji: Mmm… cake. Alone.

Hurrr. It’s Aidan’s derp face! Seriously, it’s so sexy, who could refuse a piece of this?

Not Sandara, of course.

Shinji: ... what... was that loud thud I just heard?

Aidan tries his best to be a good daddy by teaching Okuni the basics of the basics during the weekend… in the kitchen.

Aidan: Son, I saw what happened there.

The sink wasn’t the only thing Shinji ended up breaking in the end. >_>

Sandara: Here we go again.
Octarine Legacy: Suave Sargentoctarinelegacy on February 22nd, 2011 04:39 pm (UTC)
Aidan: snnnkkf… fried chicken…

Made me lol! And I love Aidan's hurrr-durrr face! He's great!