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22 February 2011 @ 10:30 pm
The Sanada Legacy 1.3  

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Previously: The Sanada’s got another addition to the family; Okuni. Things broke in the Sanada household, Shinji aged up and Sandara found herself pregnant again.

As usual, beloved Uncle Michael still loves to come over to the house.
Shinji: So you’re Uncle Michael. Dad said I could punch you if you misbehave.
Michael: … This kid.

Sandara: Why hello there! ♥

Michael loves to be as inappropriate as ever.

Days, later, the time has come, and Sandara gets sent into labor the moment the boys get back from school/work…

… and everyone was sent into a panic.

Or so it would seem.
Shinji: Well, okay, mom. I have to go do my homework now so… yeah.

Instead of going to do his homework, Shinji ended up going out to play tag with his dad. >.> Tch, tch, Aidan.

It’s a beautiful baby boy! He is aptly named Yonghwa.

Shinji ends up breaking the sink the very same day. He is not pleased.

Aw, isn’t he simply a darling?

When he’s not whining, that is (isn’t it typical for all toddlers though? XD )

It’s time for Okuni’s next step into childhood~

Legacy hair has not struck… yet, thank goodness. She rolled out the friendly trait.

Okuni wonders why she has to end up sharing a room with her older brother.

… and breaks the toilet the next morning as well (I swear I need to invest in that unbreakable toilet one day -_-)….)~

Yonghwa’s presence came as surprise for Michael, who had no idea of the pregnancy whatsoever.
Michael: Huh, they never told me about you.

It’s that time of the day again! Time for Shinjiro to age up.

Not bad at all (and for the record, he DID end up getting stuck by the Legacy hair but I didn’t manage to get any shots of it. ;^; )

Sandara’s birthday came a few days later.
Sandara: Omg yay! Mummy’s turning a lifestage older!

Aidan followed suit. He felt as fabulous as he’d ever be.

Okuni: UNCLE MICHAEL. What happened to your hair. DDDD:
Michael: It’s no big deal, really. Comes with age, you’ll get it too one day.
Sandara: … I don’t think it’s wise to tell the children that.

After fixing his hair thanks to the help of his sister, Michael attempts to bond with baby Yonghwa, who doesn’t seem to be very fond of him.
Yonghwa: Who are you?! D:

Okuni still wonders why she’s stuck sleeping in the same room as he older brother.

Things are as usual around the Sanada house. The toilet breaks itself.

Yonghwa’s birthday has come as well. 8D

Bad hair day, Yonghwa? He has also inherited his pajamas from Shinji, because Sandara is frugal like that. |D

He’s a vegetarian as of now as well.

This is the second thing he’s broken in less than 2 hours. ;A;)~

Okuni: Dad…
Aidan: I got it, I got it! I’ll fix it right now!

Despite her friendly disposition, Okuni has a little something against her younger brother. She’s jealous over the fact that he’s around because for she thought it would be just her and Shinji in the family.

Speaking of Shinji… what’s he getting so excited about?

Shinji: Hoooold up! You’re Yuri, aren’t you?
?: Huh? Who’re you? I’m sorry, but I’m kind of in a rush.

Shinji: Don’t worry, I just want to have a little chat, that’s all. I sit right next to you in English, remember? Shinjiro Sanada. The one whose foot you dropped your books on...

Yuri: Uhuh, so that was you? What is it?

Shinji: One date! Tomorrow, central park, after school. How’s that sound? /flashes ~charming~ smile.

Yuri: Hmm, well, I guess it wouldn’t be any harm, would it? Alright then, tomorrow it is.

Shinji: Great, then tomorrow it is! See you there!
Yuri: Wait, what just happened?

Back home, it was a birthday time that I completely forgot! (As did the whole family, they just seemed to mind their own business when this happened)

Wait for it…

STRIKE OF THE LEGACY HAIR! TA-DAAAH~ 8D (Though I have to say… it actually fits her? LOL)

Shinji: Oh God, legacy hair. Maybe if I close my eyes, it’ll all go away.

Yonghwa: Pfff, how fitting for you.
Okuni: Shut it.

After getting a little tweaking done with her hair, Okuni set out to find some blossoming romance. This time, she landed it in the form of her childhood friend, Jarett Alto, who had aged up as well.

Okuni: Sooo, Jarret. Looks like we’re both teens now, aren’t we?

Across the grass, Shinji met up with Yuri as promised, but something seemed off about Shinji.
Yuri: What’s with that look on your face? You seem so happy today.
Shinji: Oh, I dunno. Maybe it’s because I have one very pretty girl right in front of me?

An ‘unfortunate’ bystander became witness to the couple’s first kiss.
Okuni: Shoot, I hope he doesn’t see me. I’ll just pretend I didn’t see that.
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Octarine Legacyoctarinelegacy on February 22nd, 2011 04:45 pm (UTC)
I wouldn't wish legacy hair on my worst enemy! My founder's wife has it when she's in her pjs and I'm too lazy to switch it. Gross. It's a life-ruiner!!
th0rtillachips: + ペルソナ 3 ; TEDDIENATO.shodrive on February 23rd, 2011 07:22 am (UTC)
Haha, I was ALMOST tempted to keep on Okuni. Almost. :P
Octarine Legacy: Suave Sargentoctarinelegacy on February 23rd, 2011 07:42 am (UTC)
don't worry, i'm sure it will reappear soon!